I am curious by nature. Drives my husband crazy sometimes. But I love learning and so way back in the day, I taught myself how to use a camera.  Some things tho, can't be taught, like having  "an eye". I love having an eye for photography. It makes me happy inside. It soothes my soul. My favorite thing to photograph is life while it's actually HAPPENING! Not all "posed" life, but candid life. Because that's what life really is! I started out shooting all kinds of sports, which I still do 

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​​Colleen Abrahamovich / Candid Photography​​

events include


~Corporate Events

~Grad, Birthday parties

~Class Reunions, Family Reunions, Meetings

​~Sports, Sports, and more Sports!

because I LOVE sports. But now I am shooting Seniors, families and other life events in a very candid fashion. Weddings, Corporate events, birthdays, and reunions, but ALWAYS as a fly on the wall. My family said that should be the name of my business, but I couldn't do it. See, I hate flies. Like, really, really hate them. So instead I like to capture "stolen moments", when they don't know I'm there ...and it's just a beautiful thing!